The Emerald Project is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of Islam. Emerald Project began in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2017 as an initiative to educate the community on Islamophobia or the fear of Islam and Muslims. We are cultural brokers striving to bridge the gap by separating Islam, culture, and politics. Emerald seeks to promote greater understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Emerald Project is also uniquely dedicated to combating the misrepresentation of Islam internally within the Muslim community.


The Emerald Project seeks to combat the misrepresentation of Islam.


Emerald Project’s vision is to create a cohesive community that has access to the foundations of Islam.



At Emerald Project we recognize the sacred nature of our discussion. Discussing Islam requires the utmost dedication to truth and accuracy. We take our word seriously, and strive to speak on knowledge we know to be accurate. We are committed to using ‘I don’t know’ for an answer when we don’t have an answer.

Neutral Environment

We are committed to building a neutral environment where everyone feels comfortable to voice their opinions and ask their questions.  


Emerald Project is reputable for being innovative with their methodology and cutting edge approach. We are committed to finding the most effective way to combatting the misrepresentation of Islam.


We are committed to exploring all of Islam and addressing any and all challenges to the representation of Islam. We invite controversial conversations and tough questions.


We are committed to inviting Muslim and Non-Muslims to a neutral space to build human connections through vulnerable exchange.