The Founders 


Satin Tashnizi

Satin graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies. She wrote her honors undergraduate thesis on Millennial voting after working to bring the first ever voter center to her campus. Recently, her work to empower young voters was featured in Forbes. In 2015 she interned at the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC. As a fluent Farsi speaker, and the proud daughter of Iranian immigrants, she was proud to work as an interpreter serving refugees and migrants in the community. Satin is looking forward to continuing her education studying Middle Eastern security; she focuses on presenting the international implications of Islamophobia and divisions within the Muslim community.


Nora abu-Dan

Nora Abu-Dan is Utah born but both her parents are from the holy land of Palestine. She grew up and went to school in Salt Lake City and graduated from the University of Utah in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish. Currently, she works in the Consumer and Commercial Banking Division at Goldman Sachs and enjoys her role in helping others on the consumer lending side of the financial firm. Nora is also a former reining Miss United Nations USA winner and used her  platform "Fight for your right, You have a voice, let it be heard!" to educate people on using your voice to make a difference. Ever since she was younger, she has been known for being extremely fiery about demolishing ignorance and building bridges within diverse communities. Back in January 2017, a group her friends had a dream for societal change. That dream became a reality with the birth of “Emerald Project”. As Co-founder of “Emerald Project”, their mission has been to go into our communities and host dialogues about Islamophobia. She hopes to one day hopes to be a Peace Ambassador for Palestine because with such a war traumatized nation she plans to bring mental health awareness and help her people understand the importance of mental illness and how to overcome it.


Faeiza Javed

Faeiza is a Pakistani, American-Muslim who was born in Utah. She received both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. Most of Faeiza’s work has focused on individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief/loss, and PTSD. Faeiza has found her niche in trauma and is passionate about working with trauma victims. She believes mental health is the missing key for many of the issues our world faces today. Faeiza believes many of the misrepresentations of Islam that occurs both within the Western and Muslim communities occurs because of the lack of education and awareness about mental health because of how individuals portray each other as “other.” Faeiza grew up in post-9/11 America and faced many adversities because of her identity as a Muslim. She is passionate about informing the community about correct Islamic teachings because of the backlash she grew up with. Faeiza’s passion for Emerald Project  comes from the adverse response she and her family faced as well as from her love for a peaceful religion that has helped her in all aspects of her life.